Installation Windows Instructions

To upgrade your plugin installation to the last release, follow the same steps.

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Requirements for the phone:
  • Android 2.2 and superior
  • Android market installed and running
Requirements for the computer:
  • Windows XP and superior
  • pyLoad installed and running


To install the pyLoad plugin:
  1. Download the last release of the pyLoad plugin for Windows (jdCaptcha-pyLoad-windows-python-*.tar.gz, click here)
  2. Unzip and untar the downloaded plugin into the PYLOAD_CONFIG_DIR\userplugins\hooks directory:
To install the jdCaptcha application on your phone:
  1. Install the jdCaptcha application using the Android Market.
    jdCaptcha QRCode


First you must create an account (if not already done), use the My Account link.

To configure the pyLoad plugin:

  1. Configure the plugin through the configuration page of pyLoad (provide your username and the API password available in the jdCaptcha website).
To configure the jdCaptcha application on your phone:
  1. Start the application and follow the instructions.