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I always have the error "No internet connection or server down!", what is wrong?
Is it possible to use Llama to enable/disable notifications?
No notification received at all (including the test notification)
Registration issue


Can I change the plugin from the PHP version to the Java version (or reverse)?
How to check that the plugin is working?


I don't receive captcha notifications, why?
What are captcha notifications?
What are other notifications?

My Account

Can I register more than one device to my account?
How can I get a new password?
I have created my account but didn't received the email.
My account is not yet approved, how many time do I have to wait?

iPhone / Mac

I have an iPhone, where can I find the application?


Can I use my captchatrader.com account with jdCaptcha?
Why is there so much difference between 'Captcha notifications' and 'Captcha Resolved'?