Tutorial How to manage the captchas when not available
This tutorial explains how you can manage the captchas (and your downloads) when you are not available to solve the captchas. jdCaptcha provides two ways to manage the downloads:
  • By using your community.
  • By stopping the downloads.

By using your community:
You can create a community of users who will solve your captchas when you're not available. To create a community, go to your account page and invite your friends. You can also invite Anonymous as a user. Anonymous is a specific community of users similar to what captchatrader.com was providing (when you invite Anonymous, you'll be invited into Anonymous community so Anonymous will solve your captchas but you'll have to solve Anonymous captchas).

When you are busy, uncheck the Receive captcha notifications checkbox and the captchas will be sent to your community.

By stopping the downloads:
The jDownloader plugin is able to start and stop the downloads. To control the downloads, the plugin needs extra configuration steps:
  • Edit the jdCaptcha.properties file or the config.inc.php file with your favorite editor.
  • Update the remote and webinterface variables based on the following snapshots:
jDownloader-Settings-en.png jDownloader-Remote-Java-en.png jDownloader-Webinterface-Java-en.png
  • Save the modified file.

Now you can control the downloads by using the Disable downloads checkbox (check the box where you are busy and uncheck it when you are available).