You are using JDownloader or pyLoad to download shared files? You have a mobile phone or a tablet? You want to solve unsolved captcha when you're not at home?

jdCaptcha has been made for you! jdCaptcha sends the unsolved captcha to your mobile phone, you solve it and the result is sent back to jDownloader/pyLoad.

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Last News: OpenSSL: Heartbleed bug - 2014-04-10 19:44:05

heartbleed A vulnerability has been recently discovered in OpenSSL library used by webservers to support HTTPS protocol.
This vulnerability called Heartbleed has been published before the patch was released. Unfortunately the webmasters have not enough time to protect their website.

As you may have notice, jdCaptcha website is using HTTPS to protect the exchange of your password when you log in. The jdCaptcha website is not exposed and has never been exposed to this vulnerability, you don't need to change your password or anything. You can keep surfing safely on jdCaptcha website.