API Documentation jDownloader/pyLoad API

The jDownloader/pyLoad API allows user to create a custom plugin for jDownloader, pyLoad or any other tools dealing with captcha recognition.

To submit a captcha or get the result provided on the Android device, the plugin must compute web accesses through the HTTP protocol to the jdCaptcha webserver at the address http://www.vincescodes.com/jdcaptcha/api.php. Both GET and POST are supported, POST is recommended.

For each access to the API, the server returns a JSON string containing the result of the action. It is recommended to check the status of the server response (it should be 200) before processing the JSON string. Also in case of errors on the server side, the result may not be a JSON string.

Mandatory parameters

For each access to the API a list of mandatory parameters must be provided, the following table provides the parameters and their description.

Nom Description
usernameThe username used in the jdCaptcha website.
passwordThe API password available in the jdCaptcha website.
actionThe requested action, see section below.
clientThe plugin client ID, example pyload-python-linux.
versionThe version of the API, use 6.0 at this time.


The following table describes the action parameter.

If the server response contains host and port fields, it is mandatory to connect to the given host at the given port to continue (except the host and port, the API URL remains the same).

Reconnect to the server to get captcha solution should be proceed after the delay specified by the delay field.

Valeur Description Extra parameters Server Response
submitSubmit a captcha to the Android device.
  • file: The file containing the captcha to send.
If cid value is negative, it means that the captcha will not be sent to the device per user request.
statusGet the solution of the captcha submitted.
  • cid: The cid value returned during the submit action.